XBOX 360 Controller for Windows

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I’ve owned every (popular) game system, since the original Nintendo, at least once. Yet, I pretty much ended up getting rid of them all for PC gaming (except for DS and PSP). I prefer being at my PC playing games, so I can multi-task. Now I’ve finally bought myself a proper controller to play games that were meant to always be played with a controller, not keyboard and mouse. Step into the world of “XBOX 360 Controller for Windows”!

How Dis Dere Thing Work

It’s pretty damn simple. There is simply an adapter that you plug into your computer which detects your controller(s). You can either buy just the adapter if you already own an XBOX 360 controller. Or, you can buy the package I did, which you see above. On Amazon, it’s going for only $45 for the whole thing. That’s really not much different in price compared to just buying a new 360 controller.

Just plug that bad boy in, press the middle X power button, and watch her fly!

The (Oh So Important) Purpose

I’ve never bought a PC gaming controller before because all the games I’ve played on PC in the past I actually prefer to use mouse+keyboard. FPS, MMO, RTS, etc games are all generally meant to be played (or just as easily played) with a mouse+keyboard. However, now I’ve started acquiring games like Devil May Cry, Onimusha, and then a shit ton of roms like Pokemon White & Black (of course I own physical versions of these roms! 🙂 .. >_> <_<).

What’s also awesome is that most of the time for non-rom games like DMC, I didn’t even have to configure the controller at all. All the buttons and controls were already exactly how they should be (A is A, B is B, etc). And configuring for roms is so easy because you just configure the emulator you’re using one time, and then it’s set for every rom you play thereafter.

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