Unlock Blocked JP Games & Sites: VPN

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I’m here to show you how to get past that pesky IP block that a decent amount of Japanese sites and video games seem to use. First, you need to understand what exactly is happening behind the scenes so you can comprehend how and why these methods will work. 🙂

Step 1) Identifying the *What*

It’s not going to do you any good to be able to get to websites and/or games that IP block if you don’t even know of anything that you want/need to use! One of the biggest known reasons people pay for Japanese VPN’s is to get access GyaO. GyaO is kinda like Hulu in a way. Basically they have a lot of videos and shows for you to watch. The issue isn’t actually getting to the website, it’s being able to stream the content. Instead of buffering up, you are blocked from being able to see any of the video’s unless you are coming/browsing from within Japan.

The other major reason is that a lot of video game websites (and even the games themselves sometimes) block you from registering and/or playing unless you are browsing from within Japan, AKA using a Japanese IP address.

Step 2) Applying the Middle-Man (Our VPN)

Rather than tell you what a VPN *is*, I’ll tell you what a VPN *does*. A VPN essentially sits between you and the website/game you’re trying to connect to. As long as you have a Japanese VPN, then wherever you’re trying to browse/connect to, it thinks you’re coming from within Japan. Take a look at the diagram below to get the gist of it.

The whole concept is really simple. You’re connected to some server in Japan, so it looks like you’re really from there. The only drawback/issue that arises is that the speed can be highly degraded, not because of the proxy (VPN), but because your ISP is most likely already a lot slower when connecting to websites/games in Japan.

Step 3) Example Setup and Usage

Because this process is so easy, I decided to just go ahead and make a short video showing (and proving) that using a VPN will allow you to get to places you weren’t able to before.

There are two VPN companies I’d highly recommend: StrongVPN and OverPlay. As you can see from the video, I’m currently using OverPlay as StrongVPN was out of Japanese slots when I was deciding. I’ve been sticking with OverPlay though as I’ve so far been happy.

5 thoughts on “Unlock Blocked JP Games & Sites: VPN

  1. Very nice, I still haven’t gotten a VPN as I don’t think I need it as of yet. But it is a nice addition if you wanna watch JP videos, etc. Overplay looks quite nice as you can decide where to connect to. It seems to be a bit slow, is it cause of your internet or?

    A very nice, easy to follow video, keep up the good work!

    1. It’s my internet connect *to Japan*. I get somewhere around 12-16 mb down when connecting to places in the States. However, when connecting to Japan (without Overplay) I get only 2.5 mb down. With Overplay, I get around 2 mb, so Overplay does take off a bit, but not much. Really it is just that internet to Japan can be way slower, depending on what ISP you have. If you want to test your speed to Japan, you can use http://www.speedtest.net 😮

  2. Very nice article. Can you use overplay for a server in a different place each time? It would be cool to access both us and jp servers.

    I have ftth connection(50mb) and on the speedtest i get 1.9mb down and 1.9 mb up to tokyo :

    1. Thanks! And you can connect to wherever they have servers, which includes US also. You can connect to Japan, do your thang, then disconnect and connect to US, and voila. ^^;

      And yeah, speeds suck for me too. >< But decent enough.

  3. Thanks much for feedback. I was looking for a Japanese VPN for long time but no real mention on them online. Much looked like scams or cheap VPN (no real JP IP) and other one I had D/Ced a lot (FLYVPN) and speed were slow.

    Now I use OverPlay and get results looking for. Both DNS and VPN for a good price instead of paying $30 for some website (SuperBVPN, SuperVPN) where location is hard to guess (SuperBVPN not listed where they reside).

    Now I can study Japanese and play MMO’s without being locked out all the time.

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