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Generally, for the most part, all you need to access blocked Japanese Games and Websites is a Japanese VPN. However, there are times when having a VPN is not enough. The game or site will detect what language the browser is using and block you if you aren’t using a Japanese version.

Step 1) Identifying the Issue

The issue is very basic. You browse to a website and it blocks you because the browser you’re using is not in Japanese. What this means is not that the browser can’t read Japanese, but that the browser application itself is not in Japanese. If you’ve ever played Japanese video games online, where you have to go to the website to login and then launch the game from the site, you’ll already know that you pretty much always need to be using Internet Explorer. Therefore, the whole goal is to get a Japanese version of Internet Explorer one way or another.

Step 2) Installing IE in Japanese

For Windows Vista / Windows 7 Users

** Notice: You’ll need to change your entire system to Japanese. **

Step 1) Download and install Vistalizator.

Step 2) Download the “Windows MUI Language Pack” for the version of Windows Vista/Windows 7 that you’re using.

Step 3) Download the Japanese Language Pack.

Step 4) Open Vistalizator and click “Add language”.

Step 5) Select the Japanese language pack from within the file you just downloaded.

Step 6) Select Japanese (where it shows it as one of the installed languages).

Step 7) Press “Change Language”.

Step 8 ) Press “Update Languages”.

Optional Step) You may have had some errors. Just follow what they say and download whatever files you need from here.

Step 9) Restart your PC.

Step 10) As long as you are browsing through a VPN, you can go here and play DragonNest. (Make sure to browse to the site with IE)

For Windows XP Users

** Notice: For XP, make sure you already have Japanese IME installed. (May write an article on this if it’s requested) **

You’re going to have to edit a small piece of your Registry, so to begin, follow these commands.

Step 1) Go to Start -> Run

Step 2) Type ‘regedit’ and hit Enter

Step 3) Browse to “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE / SYSTEM / ControlSet001 / Control / NIs / Language”

Step 4) Right-Click the “Default” key and hit Modify.

Step 5) Change the ‘Value data’ to ‘0411’.

Step 6) Right-Click the “InstallLanguage” key and hit Modify

Step 7) Change the ‘Value data’ to ‘0411’.

Step 8 ) Restart your PC.

Step 9) Download Japanese Internet Explorer 8

Step 10) Restart your PC.

Step 11) As long as you are browsing through a VPN, you can go here and play DragonNest. (Make sure to browse to the site with IE)

I use Windows XP currently myself, so I decided to create a video showing you the steps I just outlined. See below.

Step 3) Example Windows XP Setup and Usage

** Notice: I’ll be putting up a video for Windows 7 as soon as I make the change (should be doing that sometime soon). **

10 thoughts on “Unlock Blocked JP Games & Sites: Japanese IE

  1. hi ive done exactly everything as described for windows xp but i cannot get the install to go past the extraction without closing afterwards giving me a japanese message.

  2. Same result i put it on google translator and got this. 🙁
    Installing Windows Internet Explorer 8
    In the language of this installation on your current operating system is not supported.

    1. Now using Windows 7 myself. >_< Strange though. Try running through the steps again. Make sure the registry values are set correctly. It may also depend on which XP you have (Home, Professional, etc). Not sure.

      1. Hey Zyaga, i’m on Windows 7 the Windows 7 method did not work for me for some reason so i’ve followed the XP method and entered the key’s manually, restarted pc, installed explorer 9 cause im on 64 bit the japanese IE, should it still work for me? email me 🙂

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