Too Lazy to Enjoy Japanese

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Every one gets lazy at one point or another. But when we think lazy, we think of people that don’t do their work, don’t do their chores, don’t do their tasks, etc. We rarely think of people who are too lazy to do something fun. But, laziness can even stop someone from having fun. I know this, because it happens to me!

If you missed it, I wrote an article on scheduling fun reminders and on making shortcuts to your Japanese. But the more I thought about it, I realized that what I was doing was eliminating laziness with those methods. By creating fun reminders (tasks, if you want to call it that.. fun tasks..), they strangely enough, kept me more accountable. Before, when I didn’t have those, if I finished my anki reps and whatever else I was supposed to do that day, it was like I was done. There was nothing left to do, so might as well just sit back and be lazy (which involved watching English cause it was the laziest/easiest thing to get to, at the time 😉 ).

Once I had fun reminders set up, I’d  be at home, look at what was left and basically tell myself (in a fun way, not a scolding or have to way) that I still have X, Y, Z left. So onto those! I had a purpose rather than randomness left over. I’d do 15 min of ReadTheKanji, then watch a show, then 15 min of manga, then show, then.. etc. But I realized I was still watching too much English in between those fun Japanese tasks.

That’s when I realized when I would get home and finally get to relax, it became easier to turn on something English (I don’t have TV, but I watch shows on my PC), rather than search for something Japanese to watch. Sure, I’d do my goals in between my English shows, but that’s still time spent wasted on a language I already know!

So therein lies the issue. Especially for Japanese media (TV, drama, anime, movies, etc), I had to search for something to watch. Whereas with English, I already knew the shows and where/how to get to them instantly. There was no thinking behind it. It was open site X and click show Y, and voila. But with Japanese it was a hassle. But after creating shortcuts to my Japanese media (as well as organizing them all into one main folder), I realized I could create that hassle free effect for Japanese as well. And now, it’s just as easy to get to and watch something Japanese so it happens MUCH more often.

While this is all probably common sense, I felt the need to write it out to express/explain it to myself. If it helps someone else realize they’re doing the same thing, then all the better. Failure/sucking works because it points out where your flaws are. You just have to be observant enough to notice what they are and take down your barriers enough to accept them as flaws so that you can begin to fix them.

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