Final Fantasy XIV – My Journey Begins (Again)!

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Final Fantasy XIV has been out for quite a while now, but most recently its’ first expansion just launched: Heavensward. While I had played a bit of FFXIV ARR back when it first came out, I tried to play it in Japanese while also playing on a Japanese server and my Japanese back then was a lot worse. This resulted in me having a lot of frustration and most importantly, playing solo all the time. Sure, I could queue for random parties for dungeons which was fine. But I wasn’t in an LS or even in an FC because I simply felt to shy to even try to speak to others. I could have joined some English FC/LS probably but for me that went against what I was trying to do which was to get better at Japanese while playing video games.

But with the launch of Heavensward and some encouragement from a friend to play again, I decided to start to give it a shot and start all over again. This was a couple weeks ago and as of today, I am currently sitting at: 36 ナイト (Paladin), 33 白魔道士(White Mage), 17 弓術士 (Archer), and 15 巴術士 (Arcanist). I am playing the game in Japanese while also playing on the Japanese server Aegis. So if you are looking to give it a try as well, feel free to join Aegis and add me as a friend. My character name is Amerika Jin. 😉 Already I’m in a Japanese LS as well as a Japanese FC. It’s a small casual FC which is exactly what I was looking for! 😀

PS: If you don’t already know, you can the language of FFXIV via the launcher before actually launching the game. So if you get stuck, you can close the game, change it, and relaunch!

XBOX 360 Controller for Windows

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I’ve owned every (popular) game system, since the original Nintendo, at least once. Yet, I pretty much ended up getting rid of them all for PC gaming (except for DS and PSP). I prefer being at my PC playing games, so I can multi-task. Now I’ve finally bought myself a proper controller to play games that were meant to always be played with a controller, not keyboard and mouse. Step into the world of “XBOX 360 Controller for Windows”!