Keeping Jacked In

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The whole point of AJATT, or immersion in general, is to keep in constant contact with your L2 (for me, Japanese). This gets divided into two areas. One is reading/writing and the other is listening. I’ve shown you how I keep manga, Japanese posters, etc all around me, even at work, but let me show you how I keep my ears jacked in each day. (more…)

Amazon Cloud Player – 20 Gigs for $0.99 or Less!

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Amazon Cloud Player launched just a little while back and so far I’m loving it! The Cloud Player is essentially just a music player, like iTunes or Song Bird, but built into the browser. Granted it doesn’t have near as many features, but all the basics that you really do need are there. For instance, you have the ability to listen by Artist, Album, Playlist, etc.