Get Android Region Blocked Games With QooApp!

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There are lots of great free Android games on the Japan Google Play Store that are region blocked. With QooApp you can bypass that region block! Though QooApp only works for free games, there are a ton of great free games to be had. You’ll have to side-load their app but once you do that you’re all set! If you haven’t done that before, go here and read up on how to enable side-loading. It’s fairly simple.

Once you’ve got side-loading enabled on your phone, download the app from here. (It’s the button with the android symbol on it in the top right.)

Now when you open the app up, you should see lots of games under the ゲーム (game) section.

Main games menu.
Download a new game.
Update an already installed game.

Once you’ve installed a game, the games icon will be available for you to start the game just like any other app!

And just in-case you were wondering what kind of games you’re missing out on, here are some of my personal favorites:

  1. Final Fantasy World Wide Words
  2. リトルノア
  3. Final Fantasy Record Keeper
  4. Mobius Final Fantasy

All of those games can be downloaded via QooApp, so be sure to check it out! (-^〇^-)

5 Great Android Apps for Studying Japanese

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A while back I acquired an Android phone, more specifically a Sprint HTC EVO, which I have been in love with ever since. So far, I’ve found a good deal of apps that can help when learning Japanese, but there are 5 apps that stick out for me. These are apps that are worth making sure you always have on your phone.