Tadoku: Get your read on!

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Tadoku is an event that is going to be starting again tomorrow, July 1st, and running for the entire length of July. Tadoku is a reading competition, where people see just how much text they can possibly read of the language they are learning.

How It Works

Tadoku is pretty simple in concept. The whole goal is to have a little friendly competition, to see who can read the most Japanese (or whatever language you’re signed up for), which inspires/motivates people to read a lot more than normal. Everything is counted by pages, but what makes up a page isn’t so obvious. There is a small chart/list that you can see if you go here, that will show you what a page is actually defined as. Other than that, you just sign up and add/track how much you read via the @TadokuBot.

First Timer

This will be my very first time joining in on Tadoku. To be honest, I’m actually going to be using Tadoku to spark the beginning of a new habit: reading Japanese manga. I’ve read one or two in the past, but just never got myself into the habit because obviously when you’re beginner-ish, it can take a while to read things and so it’s hard to actually get into the manga. I’m going to use Tadoku to push past that, and try setting aside 30 minutes a day to read manga.

SRS is great, but I don’t plan to be SRS’ing anything. I’ve tried before, and I end up spending more time entering words into the SRS than I do actually reading the manga (because of my level), so I’m going to just read, read, read. I will, however, be looking things up that I can’t understand from context. If I don’t know a word, but I understand from context and the rest of the sentence, I may skip it. Not going to spend all my time word checking either.

Goal: Create new habit, to read Japanese manga more often (maybe even daily).

Stocked Up

I’ve got a perfect series, that I’ve only read one book out of so far, and that manga is…

よつば (Yotsuba) is a very easy going manga (both in the story/plot and also the language itself) where the language used is actually closer towards real life speech, then say, Naruto or most other manga’s. I’ve specifically chosen this manga for those reasons. That and the fact that I loved the first one. Just generally makes me laugh.

Anyways, if you’re looking to read more like I am, use Tadoku as your excuse and register via the Tadoku bot!

2 thoughts on “Tadoku: Get your read on!

  1. Excellent!!
    Tadoku is how I started my manga reading habit (back in the January contest). You will love the results if you keep at it, trust me. That reminds me, I have to go pick up よつばと when I go back home. I’ve always wanted to read it.
    Welcome to the party!

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