Stop Scheduling Tasks, Start Scheduling Fun!

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One thing we’ve probably all eventually learned (or will learn, if you already haven’t) is that fun is what creates the best progress. When you’re enjoying something, you’re more likely to continue doing it. Hence how good habits are formed (most of the time). I’m going to show you how I schedule my fun! 🙂  

No More Tasks!

When the word “task” is brought up, we think of it in a negative light, and for good reason. A task conjures up the notion of something we have to do, which when is the last time something you had to do was fun? Yeah, probably never. When I think task, an image comes to mind. One of a slave driver whipping his slave (me) into submission to do whatever task is at hand.

However, the problem is that we too often associate task with schedule. The moment we start scheduling things, they all of a sudden turn into tasks, and we’ve already defined what a task is in our mind so it’s no wonder we see scheduling in the same light! I’m here to tell you, that I’ve changed that around in my life, and you can too.

Stop scheduling tasks and start scheduling fun. Yes, you read that right. Start. Scheduling. Fun. The easiest way for me to explain what I mean is with an example, so here is a screen shot sample of what one of my days might look like (using Astrid) :

As you can see from above, I have fun things scheduled! Things like Anki, ReadTheKanji, and read manga. These are things that aren’t tasks at all. I’m simply scheduling myself to have a bit of fun, without timechunking/timeboxing my entire day out. I don’t believe in timechunking out your entire day, because if your days are anything like mine, they’re all over the place. They change all the time and every day is a bit different in its own way.

So rather than specifying exactly when you’re going to do something, simply specify what you’re going to do for the day and how long (such as 15 min of manga reading). Then as you go through the day, keep checking your list, and stop here and there to take time to have fun! I’m having fun every little while, all day long. Can you imagine my life? Yeah, it’s pretty kick ass if I do say so myself. 😉

AstridTask Fun Manager

As a little side note, there are many different ways you can keep track of scheduling your fun, but the method I prefer is Astrid. With Astrid I’m able to access my tasks fun reminders from my phone and/or any computer, allowing me to check what fun I have left for the day. Astrid allows you to set up daily, weekly, monthly, one time, etc reminders and group them in a list. Anyways, check it out!

3 thoughts on “Stop Scheduling Tasks, Start Scheduling Fun!

  1. Ooo that scheduler looks great and I might take a peek at it. As I might integrate it with my SilverSpoon.

    Thanks for the great post. Scheduling fun is great! As most people just schedule work and no fun at all.

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