Stop Playing Catch Up

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We’re in such a rush all the time. Busy, busy, busy. We’re often busy even when there isn’t really anything to be busy about, but then when we fall behind on things, instead of taking a positive position, we take the position of punishment. We condemn ourselves.

For instance, if you’ve got a month to finish a project and you’re already 2-3 weeks into it without having done anything? What do you do? Well, most people will insist, “I’ve fallen behind, so I must force myself to forgo all enjoyment and joy in life until I finish catching up!” Then they run off to work mindless hours, trying to catch up.

The issue with the previous logic is that you can only focus for so long. At some point, the more amount of constant time spent on something becomes detrimental rather than beneficial. Your mind becomes fried. But had you broken that time up into smaller chunks, and did something enjoyable in between you give your mind a rest, which allows it to work much more efficiently.

The long blasts with no enjoyment can sustain for one project (which doesn’t mean it’s beneficial or recommended). But it’s not a strategy that can work long term. A prime example would be exercise. So many people start exercising, stop for a month, and then when they come back they blast their body so hard for the first week or two because they “slacked” last month. You can’t make up what’s already been lost, so no need to even try. Don’t even worry about it. Learn to create habits that stick. You probably quit in the first place, because of starting out doing too much. Habits that are slowly built up little by little, are the habits that stick.

Less : jumping off a bridge into a river and hoping you have the endurance to make it back to shore. More : practicing in the kiddie pool. Then when you’re ready, onto the 4 foot pool, the deep end, etc.

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