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Just recently, I covered how you can create task fun reminders to remind yourself throughout the day to stop and have fun (in Japanese, of course!). This time around, I’m going to show you how to add shortcuts to fun to make it even easier and more convenient to get to all that fun!

Windows 7 Task Bar Shortcuts

(Note: Even if you don’t have Windows 7, the concept applies to any OS even if the method may be slightly different.)

In Windows 7 (and in most OS’s), there is the ability to add shortcuts to the task bar. Most of you probably already know about these and maybe even utilize these shortcuts for things like Outlook, Firefox (you better not be using IE!), Office, etc. Yet, I bet very few of you are using this feature to create a super quick way to allow yourself to access Japanese at the click of a button. Below is my setup:

The two icons I want to point out is the new-age-ish looking Pokeball (it may not be one, but I like to think of it as one 🙂 ) and the DeSmuMe icon. The Pokeball icon actually links to the Japanese folder you see open. So with one click, I have access to all my Japanese media, games, software, music, etc. What this allows me to do, is when I’m itching to watch something, instead of thinking “Ah, but it’s so much easier to just go to site X and watch Y in English instead of having to search for something to watch in Japanese“, I can just click open the folder and click on something that looks interesting. If you’re interested in doing the same, follow the instructions found here to pin an icon to the task bar that links to a specific folder.

DeSmuMe, if you don’t already know, is actually an emulator. I use it to play NDS games like Pokemon White, because those are easy enough games that I can usually get what I need done even if I can’t read something. Anyways, I just link to it so it is very easy for me to get to and then hit “Recent ROM’s” and load my game up without having to even browse anywhere.

This is new for me as well, so I may actually end up adding another shortcut or two, but to be honest the one shortcut to my Japanese folder which contains basically everything that I own that is Japanese, is about all that is needed! Only time will tell.

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