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Pretty recently, NihongoUp created some new projects such as charts and posters. They are sold as packages, with three different packages being available. I ended up buying two packages, cause I love charts, posters, etc. I thought I’d share with you, how I use mine! ^^;

Charts / CheatSheets

These have to be my favorite item of the bunch. The reason is that they are nicely laminated and so freaking useful. There are certain issues that almost everyone seems to have problems with, and some of those are: Particles, Verb Conjugation, and Adjective Declension. NihongoUp has charts specifically for those!

I personally have the charts to my left, laying out, on my desk in order. That way I can easily just glance over to the side and see them when I need them for reference. It also helps remind me to review my Japanese more often. Kind of like “tying a knot to your finger” to help you remember something you’re supposed to do.

Posters / Mini-Posters

Each package comes with one large A2 poster and two A3 posters. One of the A3 posters is simply one of NihongoUp’s characters, depending on which package you got, cheering you on. Out of all the posters though, I’d have to say my favorite is definitely the body parts poster! It’s just neat to look at and something I enjoy reviewing. Who doesn’t have the need to say : 頭が痛いですよ!every once in a while? 😛


In case you’re wondering what the packaging is like, the A2 and A3 unlaminated posters come in a poster tube, which is nice because then they haven’t gotten folded. However, it does take a bit of effort to get them to flatten out a bit (I used heavy books), if you hang them up without framing like I did. And the laminated charts / cheat sheets come in a nice envelope.


NihongoUp has produced a bundle of projects that might be exactly what you’re looking for to spice up your room or office a bit more. For those on a strict budget, the bundles might be a bit on the expensive side, but considering what you’re getting, I find the price definitely reasonable. For me, I’ve simply begun the transformation of aiming to have everything around me be Japanese, and while these materials aren’t solely L2 (they have English on them as well), they’re definitely enhancing the fun factor. 😀

Click here to go check out the bundles! ^_^

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