Immersion at Work!

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If you’re like most people, you have a job that requires you to work 40+ hours a week. Luckily my job allows me to be a cube dweller. I love it because of how much it allows me to immerse myself in Japanese. If you’re going to become serious about learning Japanese, you’ve got to dedicate as much time and energy as you can, into being immersed in it whenever possible and I’m working on just that!

Japanese Textbooks & Manga

Recently I started acquiring a decent size chunk of true pure (written in Japanese, not English) manga. I’ve started to read a few like Doraemon or よつば, but there are plenty I’ve bought that I’m no where near the level for. Why would I buy them at this point? Because I use them as a constant reminder of where I want to be, which gives me great motivation. Check out some of the books I have at work!

Those are just a small piece of my collection now. I’ve acquired about 3-4 times that amount. But those are the one’s I constantly leave at work (except for like よつば, which I bring with me everywhere to read 🙂 ). For me, I could just read manga online but it’s not the same. I don’t feel Japanese when reading manga online. When reading it out of a real book, I feel like I’m reading real Japanese. It’s kind of like seeing a friend’s picture of the Grand Canyon versus actually being there to take the picture yourself.

Posters, Pictures, Scrolls, etc

Anything that you can hang up to look at is a bonus. Obviously there are plenty of places to buy posters, pictures, scrolls, etc online that feature Japanese. For instance, there are those big Kanji posters that list all of the Kanji you are probably learning. For me, I happened to find the perfect *poster* at a Half Price Book store, which I ended up getting laminated.

That’s right! An awesome Japanese map of the world!

The Little Things

You may not think it’s much, but the little things add up. If you work at a cube like I do, or any area that you have a bit of space to yourself, try spicing things up by adding some Japanese items around yourself. Hell, even changing your screensaver, wallpaper, etc all help. One thing I’ve also done, is to change my Firefox to be Japanese, but I’ll talk about that in another post!

* Note: I would love to hear what you’ve done to spice up your living quarters or workspace!

8 thoughts on “Immersion at Work!

  1. Ooo very nice way to immerse yourself. Maybe a kanji poster will do you more justice^^?

    I’m at college for practically half the day and during class = can’t listen to music. So when in my computer classes, I tend to browse Japanese sites;)!

    Haha is yotsuba any good? always hear you talk about it

    1. You’re right, it might be nice to have a Kanji poster. Cause then when co-workers ask, I can tell them what each means. Would be a good motivation booster. ^_^;

      And so far it’s pretty good, though I only do like a few pages per day, so still not too far. I’ll end up doing a review on it at some point in the future though.

  2. Nice going on the immersion environment. I’m Russian-fying myself, and the funnest thing I’ve got going at the minute is writing big mind maps on whatever subject I feel like, in Russian, and taping them to the desk and wall. I’m going to buy a world map soon too, just how to ship the bugger home…

    1. Not sure on which would be cheaper. But you could always have the poster shipped normally (no frame and not laminated) which should be pretty cheap. And then have it framed and/or laminated when you receive it.

      That’s what I did, I took mine to a local laminating company and got it laminated in such a way that I can also draw/erase things on it also! ^^;

  3. I see SilverSpoon is treating you well ^^

    Just curious, where/how do you acquire your manga? I have probably about twice the amount in that picture but my source has temporarily dried up :/

  4. You just wait until your Bundle comes – then you’ll have something to really show off about on your wall!

    Won’t be long now – I promise that it’s worth the wait 🙂

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