How to set up Mudfish VPN

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Mudfish VPN specializes in allowing you to bypass video game region blocks that stop you from being able to play a particular online game outside of it’s country. Before we delve into the tutorial portion, I just want to point out why you should consider Mudfish.

[box type=”info”]Most VPN’s charge a per month fee, regardless of how much data you’re using. This is great if you’re using a lot of data but if all you’re trying to do is play a region blocked game, it is overkill. With Mudfish, because it charges by bandwidth and because you only pass the data from the game you’re playing, Mudfish is an extremely cheap VPN service. For instance, to play Gundam Online almost every single day it only costs me roughly $1 per month. You just can’t beat that.[/box]

For the purpose of this tutorial I will be showing how to set up Mudfish so that you can play Gundam Online but you could easily set it up for any number of games.


First things first… We need to head over to Mudfish and make an account.


Once you’ve made your account, go ahead and log in. To the left you’ll see a navigation group called “Dashboard”. You’ll want to go to Setup > Credit > Buy.


Make sure to change the currency to US Dollar. Just choose either the 0.99 or the 2.99 option. A couple bucks on Mudfish will go a long ways, no need to put in more than that at a time.


Once your payment has been processed… You should see a credit status showing how much credit you currently have.


You’re now ready to add your game. Via the Dashboard go to Item > Equip Items. Find the game you want to equip (in this case Gundam Online) and click it. Leave Auto Refresh checked and click “Equip the Item”.


Now you need to manage the game. Via the Dashboard go to Item > Manage Items. The game you just added should be there. Click it.


Configure the game. Once you see the settings screen, make sure to change the Nodes to a server that is in the country of the game you are trying to play. In the case of Gundam Online, the Nodes should be set to a Japan server as seen below.


Download and install the client. Go to the download page and download the appropriate client. Once the download has finished, go ahead and install it. The install process is very simple.


You’re all set!

Just start the Mudfish program you just installed and it will pop open a browser window confirming everything is working. To further verify, load up Gundam Online and try to log in! (If you haven’t set up Gundam Online yet, check out this post.)

Just make sure that when you aren’t playing the game, to shutdown the Mudfish client (you should see it down in your icon tray) so that it isn’t using up bandwidth. Even if you forget, it won’t use up much at all but I still tend to turn it off when I’m not playing.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask them in the comments and I will update this post if I accidentally left anything out.

3 thoughts on “How to set up Mudfish VPN

  1. Hey, I tried to set up mudfish VPN to play MSGO and I followed all the steps listed here, but even after equipping the item I find that there’s no traffic and I’m still IP blocked. The process box on the dashboard is marked as (x) could that be the reason why?

    1. I would try starting the client as Administrator (usually you right click the icon and then choose “Run as Administrator”). It may need extra permissions. If that doesn’t work, maybe a reinstall of the client. If it still causes issues, screenshots of the issue uploaded to somewhere like would help. Hopefully I can help you out. ^_^

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