Japan Playstation Network Cards

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If you don’t have a Japanese credit card, you’re going to need to buy Japan Playstation Network Cards to purchase things like a Japan PS Plus subscription. Also, if you want to be able to buy digital games off of the Japan Playstation Store, this is the only real way to do so. The great thing is that it’s pretty straight forward. It is basically like buying a gift card.


The only real downside is that you have to choose from either a ¥1,000, ¥3,000, ¥5,000, or ¥10,000 card. What this means is that often you aren’t going to have exact amounts for what you want to buy and will always have a bit left over in your account. For instance, PS+ for a year is ¥5,143 which means if you want to buy a year subscription you either have to buy the ¥5,000 card + another card. Or simply buy the ¥10,000 card and have lots of money in your account left over. I actually chose to buy the ¥10,000 card just because I know there will be future digital items that I will want to buy. Like when they have digital sales.

Lastly, there are lots of places you can buy these cards online but I bought mine at Play-Asia. After purchasing my card, I received an email with my code within a few minutes. It is a very quick process!

Final Fantasy 7 English & Japanese Script

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Recently I stumbled upon a copy of the Final Fantasy 7 English and Japanese script. It’s side-by-side so that you can easily walk through the entire games story from beginning to end. This got me thinking and I’ve decided to turn it into study material. Basically what I’m doing is I’m going through the Japanese script and any part I don’t understand, I take that sentence(s) and make a flashcard of it since the English translation is already right there for me. If you’re interested in grabbing a copy of the script, Download

For those interested, the way I’m going to be playing the game is: I can only play up to the part of the script that I’ve already learned. Once I hit that spot, I have to stop playing until I learn more of the dialog. This way as I play the game I’m just re-enforcing what I’ve already learned and I never have to stop and look something up while playing. Obviously this means that it’s going to take me a crazy long time to finish the game because I’m only playing a bit each week and it’s limited to how much I’ve studied the script that week. But even if it took me a year, considering this isn’t the only Japanese studying I’m doing, that would still be quite awesome.

Final Fantasy Type-0 HD

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Just recently picked up Final Fantasy Type-0 HD for the PS4, mostly because I found a cheap copy on ebay. Be warned though, if you’re playing Final Fantasy Type-0 HD in Japanese like I am, be prepared to either skip some dialog/text and/or spend a lot of time reading. This game doesn’t come with furigana either, so you better know your Kanji!

Get Android Region Blocked Games With QooApp!

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There are lots of great free Android games on the Japan Google Play Store that are region blocked. With QooApp you can bypass that region block! Though QooApp only works for free games, there are a ton of great free games to be had. You’ll have to side-load their app but once you do that you’re all set! If you haven’t done that before, go here and read up on how to enable side-loading. It’s fairly simple.

Once you’ve got side-loading enabled on your phone, download the app from here. (It’s the button with the android symbol on it in the top right.)

Now when you open the app up, you should see lots of games under the ゲーム (game) section.

Main games menu.
Download a new game.
Update an already installed game.

Once you’ve installed a game, the games icon will be available for you to start the game just like any other app!

And just in-case you were wondering what kind of games you’re missing out on, here are some of my personal favorites:

  1. Final Fantasy World Wide Words
  2. リトルノア
  3. Final Fantasy Record Keeper
  4. Mobius Final Fantasy

All of those games can be downloaded via QooApp, so be sure to check it out! (-^〇^-)

Final Fantasy XIV – My Journey Begins (Again)!

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Final Fantasy XIV has been out for quite a while now, but most recently its’ first expansion just launched: Heavensward. While I had played a bit of FFXIV ARR back when it first came out, I tried to play it in Japanese while also playing on a Japanese server and my Japanese back then was a lot worse. This resulted in me having a lot of frustration and most importantly, playing solo all the time. Sure, I could queue for random parties for dungeons which was fine. But I wasn’t in an LS or even in an FC because I simply felt to shy to even try to speak to others. I could have joined some English FC/LS probably but for me that went against what I was trying to do which was to get better at Japanese while playing video games.

But with the launch of Heavensward and some encouragement from a friend to play again, I decided to start to give it a shot and start all over again. This was a couple weeks ago and as of today, I am currently sitting at: 36 ナイト (Paladin), 33 白魔道士(White Mage), 17 弓術士 (Archer), and 15 巴術士 (Arcanist). I am playing the game in Japanese while also playing on the Japanese server Aegis. So if you are looking to give it a try as well, feel free to join Aegis and add me as a friend. My character name is Amerika Jin. 😉 Already I’m in a Japanese LS as well as a Japanese FC. It’s a small casual FC which is exactly what I was looking for! 😀

PS: If you don’t already know, you can the language of FFXIV via the launcher before actually launching the game. So if you get stuck, you can close the game, change it, and relaunch!

How to set up Mudfish VPN

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Mudfish VPN specializes in allowing you to bypass video game region blocks that stop you from being able to play a particular online game outside of it’s country. Before we delve into the tutorial portion, I just want to point out why you should consider Mudfish.

[box type=”info”]Most VPN’s charge a per month fee, regardless of how much data you’re using. This is great if you’re using a lot of data but if all you’re trying to do is play a region blocked game, it is overkill. With Mudfish, because it charges by bandwidth and because you only pass the data from the game you’re playing, Mudfish is an extremely cheap VPN service. For instance, to play Gundam Online almost every single day it only costs me roughly $1 per month. You just can’t beat that.[/box]

For the purpose of this tutorial I will be showing how to set up Mudfish so that you can play Gundam Online but you could easily set it up for any number of games.


First things first… We need to head over to Mudfish and make an account.


Once you’ve made your account, go ahead and log in. To the left you’ll see a navigation group called “Dashboard”. You’ll want to go to Setup > Credit > Buy.


Make sure to change the currency to US Dollar. Just choose either the 0.99 or the 2.99 option. A couple bucks on Mudfish will go a long ways, no need to put in more than that at a time.


Once your payment has been processed… You should see a credit status showing how much credit you currently have.


You’re now ready to add your game. Via the Dashboard go to Item > Equip Items. Find the game you want to equip (in this case Gundam Online) and click it. Leave Auto Refresh checked and click “Equip the Item”.


Now you need to manage the game. Via the Dashboard go to Item > Manage Items. The game you just added should be there. Click it.


Configure the game. Once you see the settings screen, make sure to change the Nodes to a server that is in the country of the game you are trying to play. In the case of Gundam Online, the Nodes should be set to a Japan server as seen below.


Download and install the client. Go to the download page and download the appropriate client. Once the download has finished, go ahead and install it. The install process is very simple.


You’re all set!

Just start the Mudfish program you just installed and it will pop open a browser window confirming everything is working. To further verify, load up Gundam Online and try to log in! (If you haven’t set up Gundam Online yet, check out this post.)

Just make sure that when you aren’t playing the game, to shutdown the Mudfish client (you should see it down in your icon tray) so that it isn’t using up bandwidth. Even if you forget, it won’t use up much at all but I still tend to turn it off when I’m not playing.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask them in the comments and I will update this post if I accidentally left anything out.

XBOX 360 Controller for Windows

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I’ve owned every (popular) game system, since the original Nintendo, at least once. Yet, I pretty much ended up getting rid of them all for PC gaming (except for DS and PSP). I prefer being at my PC playing games, so I can multi-task. Now I’ve finally bought myself a proper controller to play games that were meant to always be played with a controller, not keyboard and mouse. Step into the world of “XBOX 360 Controller for Windows”!