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For those of us who live outside of Japan it can be very hard to get access to Japanese TV shows. It can often be very expensive or not even available at all. But with JapanNetTV you can watch live Japanese TV anywhere you have internet access and on virtually any device. JapanNetTV has 5 streams available for all of its channels so that if one stream seems to be lagging a bit or has technical issues, you can simply select a different stream. But the best part about JapanNetTV is that you can watch up to a weeks worth of past content in case you missed anything. That’s right, you have access to watch any of the shows that aired during the last 7 days at any time! Look below to see a listing of all the channels they provide and click here to find out more.


Final Fantasy 7 English & Japanese Script

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Recently I stumbled upon a copy of the Final Fantasy 7 English and Japanese script. It’s side-by-side so that you can easily walk through the entire games story from beginning to end. This got me thinking and I’ve decided to turn it into study material. Basically what I’m doing is I’m going through the Japanese script and any part I don’t understand, I take that sentence(s) and make a flashcard of it since the English translation is already right there for me. If you’re interested in grabbing a copy of the script, Download

For those interested, the way I’m going to be playing the game is: I can only play up to the part of the script that I’ve already learned. Once I hit that spot, I have to stop playing until I learn more of the dialog. This way as I play the game I’m just re-enforcing what I’ve already learned and I never have to stop and look something up while playing. Obviously this means that it’s going to take me a crazy long time to finish the game because I’m only playing a bit each week and it’s limited to how much I’ve studied the script that week. But even if it took me a year, considering this isn’t the only Japanese studying I’m doing, that would still be quite awesome.

デュラララチャット (Japanese Durarara Chatrooms)

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デュラララ is a very well known anime and if you haven’t seen it I highly suggest you check it out. But in Durarara there is essentially a デュラララチャット (Durarara chat). People in Japan have taken this concept and made web based chats that resemble the chat in Durarara. The great thing about them is that most of the time the chat rooms aren’t even talking just about the anime, they are just random chatrooms which is what makes them so great for studying! It’s a very simple and easy way to hop into a room of Japanese people and start chatting away. Albeit you can only type (no audio/video) but it’s a great way to make new friends.

There are two Durarara chat sites that I have used: and The second one actually has rooms for other languages as well but I avoid those. There isn’t much to it, just go to the site, type a name, pick an icon, and choose a room! If you end up making a friend, I highly suggest you ask them for their LINE, Skype, Email, etc before you or they leave. They may not give it to you but if they do, you’ve got yourself a friend that you can keep in contact with! ヾ(*´∀`*)ノ