NihongoUp – Practice, Practice, Practice!

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Everyone needs to practice. I suppose that is what makes it hard to learn a language. Most of us in today’s age are looking for a quick return and with a language like Japanese, you usually can’t get that. It takes many times going over things again and again until finally it’s built into you. That is where NihongoUp, for an extremely cheap and reasonable price, steps in.


Kana Reading Material Resources

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I was asked earlier this week on twitter if I knew of any Kana reading material resources. The question was in reference to materials such as books, magazines, websites, etc that are written in Kana, rather than lots of Kanji, so that beginners like myself have a chance at actually reading some of it. At the time, I had little to say so I’ve gone to work and this is what I’ve dug up!


My Japanese Coach

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I think these series are fairly familiar to those of you who are studying a language, but if not, “My Japanese Coach”(comes in other languages) is a video game for the Nintendo DS. The game itself, as in control/menu, is in English but it teaches you Japanese(or whatever language you get it in).