Sentences 101

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Sentences are a great way to learn Japanese, especially once you’ve already finished RTK (obviously, you should still be doing your RTK reviews! ;)). But it can be hard to know where to start or even where to continue after you’ve finished whatever sentence pack/book you started with. My method may not be perfect, but it seems to have worked quite well for me, so I’m here to show you what it is. Hopefully it helps some of you! 😀 (more…)

XBOX 360 Controller for Windows

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I’ve owned every (popular) game system, since the original Nintendo, at least once. Yet, I pretty much ended up getting rid of them all for PC gaming (except for DS and PSP). I prefer being at my PC playing games, so I can multi-task. Now I’ve finally bought myself a proper controller to play games that were meant to always be played with a controller, not keyboard and mouse. Step into the world of “XBOX 360 Controller for Windows”!


5 Great Android Apps for Studying Japanese

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A while back I acquired an Android phone, more specifically a Sprint HTC EVO, which I have been in love with ever since. So far, I’ve found a good deal of apps that can help when learning Japanese, but there are 5 apps that stick out for me. These are apps that are worth making sure you always have on your phone.



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A while back I had bought some cheap Japanese manga that I found at a local Half Price Bookstore. Using the concept of doing things you enjoy but in Japanese, from Khatz of AJATT, I decided to choose a manga from my lot and read it. Among them, on the reverse side of a ドラえもん book, was ペンギンの問題.